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My Pink Bits is proudly owned and operated by Kelly Couch.

Kelly is a local Brissie girl with a wonderful knowledge of all things Naughty and Nice. Kelly is totally non-judgemental and caters to many different interests and fetishes...

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Phone: 0400 830 503
What is a My Pink Bits party?
It's a party with an adult touch that is suited to a Ladies night in or a Hens night but also caters to couples parties, you will be able to view and handle the products and even make a purchase.

Will everyone know what I buy or even if I buy something?
Only if you tell them, all ordering is done discretely and all guests whether they make an order or not will be asked in private whether they would like something, to avoid embarassment.

How do I organise a Party?
Simply call Kelly on 0400 830 503 and make a booking, Kelly will talk you through the rest. 

Are children allowed at the party?
No, our parties are for the 18+ age range.

Do I have to buy something?
Of course not, our parties are about fun and adventure, not pressure.

How expensive are the products?
Our products are remarkably cheap compared to most websites and nearly all retail stores. 

How long does a Party go for?
Typically about 3 hours. Inclusive of fun, laughter and games.

Are the items for sale only for Women?
Not at all, My Pink Bits has items for both genders and covers all sexual orientations and also items for use by couples.